NEWS 2011


Victory became Norwegian junior winner 2011 at Lillestrøm. BM no 2 and NKC CAC. He is also Norwegian top winning male no 2 in 2011. Great results achieved at 12 months.


Victory 11 month at photo.


News 2009


At the international allbreed show in Stavanger Amuri-Pajkos Gorka won the CC and CACIB and was Best of Breed. This made her a newSwedish and Norwegian champion. Judge was Iren Naarits,from Estonia.

At the international allbreed show in Oslo, Bistraya Bri Av Adelrose won her qualifying CC and gained with this her Norwegian and Swedish championtitle.

At the national show in Nesbyen, Norway
Amuri-Pajkos Gorka was Best of Opposite Sex. She also won the CC. Judge was Jackie Jackson, from South-Africa.

N SE Ch Kazar Rurik, BOS: Amuri-Pajkos Gorka

Gorka winning the CC


We had a great day in Sweden today. At the international allbreed show in Ransäter, Amuri-Pajkos Gorka won the CC, the CACIB and was BOS under Tomas Borkowski, from Poland. BOB went to DK N RU Ch Donskoi Dimitrii.

Amuri-Pajkos Gorka winning the CC


At the allbreed show in Våler, Norway Amuri-Pajkos Gorka won her first CC and was Best of Breed. She was later also group second. The day after she won her second CC and was Best of Breed as well.


At the allbreed show in Avesta, Sweden our Bistraya Bri av Adelrose won the CAC.

Today our little charming girl, "Gorka" arrived at Oslo airport together with me, after a long journey from Vienna, via Frankfurt to Oslo.

We are really looking forward to spending time together. I was a little anxious to how Juvel, who is nine would react to this new member of the family, but all went great and I think she find it exciting. Gorka is a very social towards other dogs and towards people.

I am so thankful for Jana and Peter who has taken such good care of Gorka for several months.

November 2008
Bistraya Bri av Adelrose was fourth best bitch with the CC at Hamar international.

At the same show Int Nord Ch Tzartaig Warinijen's son; N S Ch Gjiway`s Hajduck was best male and got a new title, NV-08. Congratulations!